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Interest Rates

Why our website doesn't display Daily Interest Rates.  Today's home financing programs have become increasingly complicated and have numerous items that MUST be considered when determing interest rates. Interest Rates and Points can vary dramatically based on Credit Scores, Loan Amounts, Loan to Value Ratios, Occupancy, type of property (Single Family, Duplex, 3-4 units, Condominiumiums, etc.). Because of this, we believe it is much better to gather actual information on your transaction and give you an accurate quote, rather than quote the best and absolute lowest interest available only to a select few.  Also, over the last few years, daily interest rate fluctuations have become increasingly difficult to track. It isn't unusual to see multiple interest rate changes during each day.


For your safety and information security, we have chosen to protect your data with VeriSign SSL Encrypted Data Transmission Technology. Once you complete your loan application, your information & data will be sent to us encrypted and password protected. Only, specific, authorized staff members are allowed to access your data with the password.


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Step 1:  On the left hand side of all our web pages,  you will see the Apply Online button. Simply click it.


Step 2:  Choose Long Loan Application, this loan application will give us the most complete loan application and will be more effective in our underwriting process.


Step 3:  Proceed to setup your account with ID and Password. This creates a password secured account that will allow you to update your loan application if necessary. Once the account setup is setup, you can start completing your loan application.


Step 4:  At any time during the process of completing the loan application, you can click on Logout and all your information will be saved. You can come back later and complete the application. Once the loan application is completed click “Submit Application”.  Your loan application will be sent to us and we will be immediately notified.


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